Elen Rives Is Frank Lampard Girlfriend

February 15, 2009

Meet Elen Rives, the Spanish model who is Chelsea and England footballer Frank Lampard’s girlfriend. See photos, video and a biography of the gorgeous blond here.

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Elen Rives and Frank Lampard are engaged to be married and have lived together for seven years. They have two daughters, Luna, three, and Isla, one. Lampard is a popular English football midfielder and son of footballer Frank Lampard, Sr., and author of an autobiography, ‘Totally Frank,’ published in August 2006. His prominence as one of the world’s highest paid footballers has long made his finance Elen Rives one of the more well known WAGs (wives and girlfriends) in the UK.

The couple is in the news because of rumors that they may split up. A source is quoted as saying, ‘It’s gone beyond reconciliation now.’ These near breakups are not new; the couple canceled their 2007 wedding because of Lampard’s affair with a brunette from Las Vegas.

This time, the speculation is that the couple has drifted apart and suffered an additional strain in the aftermath of the death of Lampard’s mother, Pat. She died suddenly and tragically from pneumonia in April 2008. Since her death, Lampard has been paying tribute to her in his goal celebration by looking upward and pointing to the sky. An unnamed friend spoke about this possibility.

“Frank’s mum Pat was at the centre of the family and he spoke to her several times a day. He has struggled to cope with life without her.

According to some sources, the couple continue to live together in their £3million (U.S. $4.3 million) townhouse in South-West London. Other sources, claim they have already made plans for separate residences.

Other sources claim that Elen Rives has already started the process of separation and has sought legal help. Frank Lampard is said to be worth approximately £25million (U.S. $35.6 million) and Elen Rives could possibly receive as much as £25million (U.S. $14 million) even though the couple never legally married.

As a biography, Elen Rives was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1979. Her age is 29. She has blond hair and brown eyes. She left Spain in 1997 to live in the United Arab Emirates, which appealed to her as the gathering place of the super wealthy. She worked as a waitress in the Pomodoro nightclub of the Forte Grand Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This is where she met a Jordanian, Nael Asad Y Abu-Rmaileh, who was the club manager and who became her husband. She converted to the Islamic faith when she married him.

The couple remained in Abu Dhabi and then moved to London and worked in nightclubs. Over time, the couple drifted apart and Elen Rives met and became involved with Frank Lampard. She divorced her husband a few months later, in 2002. However, her ex-husband does not acknowledge the divorce.

“Under Sharia law only the man can divorce the woman – and I have never divorced her.”

According to Sharia law, which is in place in most Islamic countries, if Nael Asad Y Abu-Rmaileh did make a complaint, Elen could be stoned to death. Most fortunately, he has not chosen to do so.

Since her involvement with Frank Lampard, Elen Rives has retired from modeling. She gave birth to the couple’s first daughter, Luna, in 2005. The second daughter, Isla, was born in May 2007. In addition to the aforementioned townhouse, the couple also own a £4 million (U.S. $5.8 million) country manor in Esher, Surrey.

More photos and video are below.

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Photos: wenn.com

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3 Responses to “Elen Rives Is Frank Lampard Girlfriend”

  1. 1
    Amy Says:

    It’s funny how you call Elen model in the beginning and then wrote: She worked as a waitress in the Pomodoro nightclub of the Forte Grand/The couple remained in Abu Dhabi and then moved to London and worked in nightclubs. You are unlogical. She never was a model and she’s actually 31, not 29

  2. 2
    Nanda Says:

    This is just another UNPROVED STORY about them….Don’t be naive about Valentine Day Joke. This news accorded to News of the World February 14, 2009. I saw some pics in their house and they looked OK.. and there was a heart baloon hung on their door house. Give some reason why media always ready slate them all the time…. Keep on moving Frank And Elen Together..I hope both of u always happy

  3. 3
    Joseph Mwenja Says:

    Any way;it’s life but this is too much for”Elen Rives’,concerning to her biography that have been written.I could advice”Elen to stop thinking about men’s because she was not created for them.Even she can score her life without a man.She is supposed to think about her children but not going at night with men’s,that’s is “prostitution”and a poorer life scoring exchanging men’s.I advice her to think about her,why she get a man but after,they split.Failure to do so,”even who she have pick up now they will split and at the end she will remain stupid and useless.Fact is the best man for Elen Rives is Lampard,even if he is dating another lady, Elen should be patient as woman and talk calmly to Frank.But the way she is behaving,is not a kind of the best top women.It seems she has a very little home building knowledge.I advise her to go to an older women for more advise about home perfect making.If her mother is a life is more better for Elen to open her heart to her and I know her mother will tell her about men,maybe even her father was doing the same frank doing now. Thanks from Kenya