Heather Swan-Michael Chopra Breakup

February 14, 2009

Sunderland striker Michael Chopra was dumped by his wife Heather Swan after the lady changed her relationship status on her Facebook profile to single. Heather and Michael have been married for over seven months.

Michael Chopra and Swan

‘Things have been simmering ever since Michael went on loan to Cardiff. It’s all pretty childish,’ a source is quoted as telling the Daily Mirror.

Chopra, on the other hand, responded to the gesture by suspending her mobile contract and posting on his page that ‘Heather will have a new number tomorrow, ha ha.’

The marriage had been on the rocks right from the day they got married. The couple called it off after just four weeks but later patched up. Things now look pretty permanent with Heather telling her friends that it’s for the best. The former model and Wags Boutique star has a son, Sebastian, with Michael. You can read more about her here.

The wedding, which took place in June last year, was a grand affair costing about £250,000. The couple exchanged vows amongst white roses and glass candles and almost everyone thought the culmination of a seven-year relationship was perfect. On that day only, guests were reported to have heard the couple fighting and Heather spent her honeymoon alone.

Photos: wenn.com

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