Maripily Rivera is Roberto Alomar Girlfriend

February 12, 2009

Meet Maripily Rivera, the Puerto Rican model who is Roberto Alomar’s girlfriend. See photos, video and a biography of the new woman in the retired 12-time All-Star Major League baseball player’s life.

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Maripily Rivera is in the news today because she is standing by her man. Roberto Alomar, 41, has been hit with a much publicized $15 million lawsuit from a woman, Ilya Dall, 31, with whom he had a six-year relationship, accusing him of having unprotected sex with her and knowingly exposing her to AIDS. The former girlfriend is a competitive arm wrestler and spa owner who lives with her two children in a five-million dollar estate in Whitestone, Queens purchased by a trust Alomar set up for her and has filed the lawsuit nearly two years after the time of the alleged incidents.

The accusations seem to come out of nowhere, as far as the public is concerned; likewise to his father, Sandy Alomar Sr. former MLB second baseman and present coach for the New York Mets, who would only say that as far as he knew, his son was in good health while conceding, he did not know the whole story and that “we just don’t know what [our children] do.”

His girlfriend was much more forceful.

“A vile lie,” voluptuous model Maripily Rivera told a Puerto Rico TV station, the newspaper Primera Hora reported. “It’s not true. It’s a very delicate case.”

Maripily Rivera, went on to assert that Alomar is in good health and that the accusations from Dall are not a surprise.

He’s never gotten sick with me,” she said. “We train together and he has well-defined and beautiful arms.”
Dall, Rivera insisted, “is trying to destroy him. That won’t happen. … We’re not surprised by the allegations.”

Roberto Alomar played for eight teams during his celebrated 17 year career and is considered by many to be one of the greatest second basemen in the history of the sport. With 474 career stolen bases and more career hits and RBI than two other Hall-of-Fame second basemen, Ryne Sandberg and Joe Morgan, he is all but destined for the Hall of Fame.

His career began in 1988 with the San Diego Padres and he played his last season in 2004 with the Chicago White Sox.

As a biography, Maripily Rivera was born in 1977. She is 32 years old. The curvaceous beauty has dark brown hair and brown eyes and is a professional model and businesswoman and is sometimes known solely by her first name. Reportedly, she has been dating Roberto Alomar for six months as of February 2009. The couple were first identified and discussed in the Puerto Rican press in November 2008.

Here and here are photos of Maripily Rivera. Watch video below.

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2 Responses to “Maripily Rivera is Roberto Alomar Girlfriend”

  1. 1
    BillyHW Says:

    Giselle, Mary Pierce, Ilya Dall and Maripily…how stupid do you have to be to “date” this guy?

  2. 2
    jessica Says:

    jejeje thats right, marypily married him and now report him for domestic violence