Jeremy Lusk Motocross Champ: 1984 – 2009 (Video)

February 10, 2009

Here is the biography and crash video of Jeremy Lusk, the X-games motocross champ who passed away in Costa Rica with his wife Lauren Lusk by his side. See his photos, biography and video here.

Jeremy Lusk
Jeremy Lusk

Lusk crashed while attempting to land a back-flip during the X-Knight Freestyle show on February 7th. He was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. He died Monday night in the Costa Rica hospital at the age of 24 surrounded by family and friends. Jeremy Lusk’s wife is Lauren Lusk. He is also survived by his father and mother, Chuck and Gina Lusk, and his in-laws, Lynne and Larry.

Fan House reports that the show went on after the crash which is in really bad taste. They should have canceled the event given the obvious severity of the injury. His teammates were stunned.

Jeremy Lusk Biography: 1984 – 2009

As a biography, Jeremy was born November 26th, 1984, in San Diego California. His residence is Temecula, CA where he resided with his wife Lauren. They were married in November 2007 (she is the pretty blond in the picture).

He began racing at 3 years old and soon excelled in motocross sports, turning pro at the age of 19. Jeremy’s motorcycle of choice was a Yamaha YZ 250 for competition. In his spare time he liked hip-hop music, Mexican food and Italian vacations. More biographical information can be found here.

Jeremy Lusk’s list of career accomplishments is practically endless:

– ESPN Moto X Championships FMX – Bronze
– X Games FMX Gold
– X Games Best Trick Silver
– X Games Mex FMX Gold
– X Games Mex Best Trick Gold
– Dew Tour Salt Lake City – 3rd
– Dew Tour Orlando – 3rd
– Dew Tour Overall Standings – 3rd
– Red Bull X Fighters Mexico – 3rd
– Red Bull X Fighters Texas – 3rd
– Red Bull X Fighters Spain – 4th
– Red Bull X Fighters Spain Best Trick – 3rd (tie)
– Red Bull X Fighters Germany – 2nd
– Red Bull X Fighters Poland – 4th
– Red Bull X Fighters Overall Standings – 4th

The official website is here where you can leave condolences but it is very busy right now.

See more photos below. Please provide in the comments or mail additional pics.

Jeremy LuskLauren LuskJeremy Lusk
Jeremy Lusk Photos

This crash video is disturbing but presented to show the dangers of this sport as a public service. Extreme sports are dangerous and the video illustrates exactly why. Do not watch it unless you are prepared for a disturbing scene. Show your kids if you want to steer them away from the sport. The crash occurs at the 2:48 mark just as his allotted time was expiring.

Jeremy Lusk Video (Crash)

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2 Responses to “Jeremy Lusk Motocross Champ: 1984 – 2009 (Video)”

  1. 1
    Chad Says:

    Horrible news! My heart goes out to his family, I think he and his wife had only been married for just over a year. So tragic.

    It’s kind of ironic that “Nitro Circus” had premiered the same day on MTV, things like this kinda take the entertainment out of shows like that.

    And a side note: The show must go on! It always does, and always will. It wasn’t bad taste, it’s just the way it is in every sport. Injury and death are occupational hazards for these guys, they all know it and they all accept it. That’s part of what makes them great.

  2. 2
    mxfan9457574t5 Says:

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