Obama: A-Rod News Conference

February 10, 2009

Barack Obama said last night in his first press conference as President that the news of Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use was “depressing”. Read more, photos and videos below.

President Obama

President Obama

The President of the United States last night, said that Alex Rodriguez had “disgraced the game as well as himself,” with the fact that he had used steroids in 2003. This revelation came to light on Saturday when Sports Illustrated ran a story saying that A-Rod had used back in 03’. Rodriguez admitted his steroid use yesterday in an interview with ESPN’s Peter Gammon. In his press conference last night the President said:

“I think it’s depressing news on top of what’s been a flurry of depressing items, when it comes to major league baseball,” Obama said, alluding to other star ballplayers caught up in scandals over performance-enhancing drugs. “It tarnishes an entire era, to some degree,” Obama said.

There has been several instances in the past several years of the government getting involved in Major League Baseball. Congress has held hearings and conducted “independent investigations” of steroid use in baseball. Former Senator George Mitchell, conducted an investigation for 20 months and came up with the Mitchell Report. Naming past and present players who were suspected of using steroids.

The speculation of Barry Bonds steroid use while he was chasing Hank Aaron’s all time homerun record is what fueled the government interaction with baseball. Although the government usually doesn’t need much prodding to get involved in the private sector’s business. Back when they thought it would make them look good to voters, former players were paraded up in front of congress, even leading to some perjuring themselves. Since congress has involved itself in baseball, many former players who once were thought of in high regard, are now looked at with disdain.

It’s perfectly fine for the President to comment on this situation, however, the constant involvement of the U.S. government in our national pastime, or any pastime for that matter, is unacceptable. Whether you agree with the use of steroids or not, and I don’t, I still feel like baseball needs to handle these problems on their own. The government has enough to deal with, and they don’t exactly have a great track record of fixing problems they get involved with anyway.

More photos and a video of Barack Obama are below.

Alex Rodriguez 1Alex Rodriguez 2Barry Bonds
A-Rod and Barry Bonds Photos

Obama Press Con. Video

Photos: PRphotos.com

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