Chris Jericho Fight with Fans

February 9, 2009

WWE star Chris Jericho got into an altercation with fans following an event in Victoria, British Columbia on Saturday night. Read more, see photos and video below.

Chris Jericho 1

Chris Jericho

As Chris Jericho left the event in Victoria Saturday, fans who apparently were upset that Jericho had lost his match, began to heckle and curse at him. As Jericho, or Y2J as he is known by fans tries to make his way through the crowd, he stops for some unknown reason and gets out of his car. As some fans are asking for a picture some are ranting and throwing verbal slurs at him.

Jericho pleads with security to control the situation, but it quickly gets out of hand. On one hand a woman is asking if she can have a picture made with him. On the other a woman, Ashley Levy, 20, shoves Jericho as he tries to enter his car. Jericho throws what looks like a punch at the woman and connects. Y2J continues to curse at security guards, who seem to be the only ones on his side at this point, as he gets back into his SUV. From the Vancouver Sun:

Victoria police confirmed there was an altercation outside the arena, but said the wrestler left before police had a chance to speak to him. Two fans were arrested but later released. Const. Theresa Tuttle said no charges have been laid and the incident is under investigation.

Wrestling fans do have a tendency to let their emotions run away with them once in a while. I haven’t ever been a big fan of the WWE, but I have watched from time to time and there really are some crazies that show up to those events. So my advice to anybody who wrestles for the WWE; you had better win. Or they might just take it out on you as you try to leave the arena. Real or not inside, this got real in a hurry outside! Watch two videos below, one as Jericho leaves the event and heads to his car, and the other of the actual altercation.

More photos and videos of Chris Jericho are below.

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Chris Jericho Photos

Wrestler gone wild
Wrestler gone wild

Chris Jericho Video


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3 Responses to “Chris Jericho Fight with Fans”

  1. 1
    james Says:

    hey, just so you know, vancouver and victoria are 2 different cities.

  2. 2
    Shannon Says:

    Thank you James for pointing that out, I have made the correction. Just a case of quicker fingers than brain.

  3. 3
    Patrick Says:

    Way to go Y2J! I’m completely against hitting women, and violence against women, but come on, Jericho’s got a job to do, people need to realize these matches are scripted. The wrestling world is NOT the real world, and I certainly can’t blame Jericho for defending himself. The security guards were doing nothing. I don’t know if the fans were mad that he lost, he’s a pretty big heel, they might have just been yelling at him. He shouldn’t have hit her, but she and her friends should have let him be.