Andy Mill: Greg Norman Stole My Wife

August 18, 2007

andy millAndy Mill, pictured at left, the ex-husband of tennis legend Chris Evert, is now saying that Australian golfer Greg Norman stole his wife. He is said to be broken hearted that Norman is now with Chris.

“Greg Norman at one time was my best friend, and a year and a half ago I would have taken a bullet for this guy. I didn’t realize he was the one who was going to pull the trigger.”

Chris Evert filed for divorce from Andy Mill last November. She was linked to Norman as early as October of the same year.

Andy and Chris have three children – Alexander, 15, Nicholas, 13, and Colton, 11. Chris is the primary caretaker of the boys and Andy has visitation rights. In the divorce settlement, Mill got the holiday home in Aspen, where Andy now lives.

Andy and Chris regularly spent time with Greg Norman and his soon to be ex-wife Laura in Florida.

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7 Responses to “Andy Mill: Greg Norman Stole My Wife”

  1. 1
    Gale Says:

    Andy is hotter than Greg!!I rember seeing a photo of Evert and Mills on a motor bike(Must have been a senior in high school at the time). I just that lady is lucky to have Andy Mills marry her!!He also gave her three babies at such a late date in his life.Really,that must have been a sacrifice!!Hopefully,he will get himself another ski bunny!! Good Luck Andy!!!

  2. 2
    Gale Says:

    Dear Andy,

    Marry a woman who doe not give a darn about tennis or golf.Step outsidr the jock box!!

    Good Luck,Gale

  3. 3
    Rose Says:

    Most people have no idea what the Bible truly says about Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage.
    Romans 7:2-3, 1 Corinthians 7:39, Luke 16:18.

    You can not outwit the Lord, by getting a divorce and declaring it a legal marriage, when the Lord himself calls it adultery.

    If it is in your heart to find the Biblical Truth
    do research at:

    How can a Pastor perform the Wedding of
    a Divorced Person?

    The Bible says:
    “Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery and he who marries one who is divorced from a husband commits adultery.� Luke 16:18

    Then According to the Bible:
    At 6:30 pm on the day of the wedding, the Pastor pronounces them husband and wife. Then later that evening they commit adultery.

    If they are truly husband and wife how could they possibly be committing adultery that evening?

    They can not truly be husband and wife or it would be impossible for them to commit adultery.

    For it is absolutely impossible for a true husband and wife to commit adultery with each other.

    Read the fine print…

    �A wife is married to her husband as long as he lives.�
    1 Corinthians 7:39

  4. 4
    Becky Says:

    come on Andy, I usded to ski with you, after getting married my self, you were married to your first wife and she said that chris stole you from her, what’s uo with that

  5. 5
    Daniel B Says:

    Rose: What if he’s not religious?

    My view on it is you may be not able to outwit the Lord in theory, but since there isn’t a Lord then they can do whatever they like.

    How can a Pastor perform the Wedding of
    a Divorced Person?

    Don’t get married by a pastor who doesn’t want to marry a divorced couple. Simple stuff.

  6. 6
    Kathy T Says:

    Religion = Santa Claus for adults. Superstitions based on fictional writings from the Dark Ages.

  7. 7
    sysrun Says:

    Ugh. If you look at the time line Andy and Chris both left their spouses at the time for each other. They met in 2006 and both got divorced in 2007 only to marry in 2008….hmmmm, can you say what goes around comes around any marriage built on this kind of nonsense will not work.