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February 7, 2009

UPDATED information below.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Alex Rodriguez, the star Yankee infielder tested positive for steroids in 2003 the year he won both the MVP and the homerun title. Read more, photos and video below.

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Alex Rodriguez

UPDATED 2/9/09: Whatever you may think of A-Rod, or as people are calling him now, A-Roid, at least he has come clean. You can watch a video after the jump of his ‘confession’ to using steroids.


The magazine is reporting from four un-named sources that Rodriguez tested positive for testosterone and an anabolic steroid by the brand name Primobolan. Rodriguez’s name appears on a list of 104 Major League Baseball players who tested positive in 2003 for performance enhancers. From

Though MLB’s drug policy has expressly prohibited the use of steroids without a valid prescription since 1991, there were no penalties for a positive test in 2003. The results of that year’s survey testing of 1,198 players were meant to be anonymous under the agreement between the commissioner’s office and the players association. Rodriguez’s testing information was found, however, after federal agents, armed with search warrants, seized the ’03 test results from Comprehensive Drug Testing, Inc., of Long Beach, Calif., one of two labs used by MLB in connection with that year’s survey testing. The seizure took place in April 2004 as part of the government’s investigation into 10 major league players linked to the BALCO scandal — though Rodriguez himself has never been connected to BALCO.

Baseball has cracked down in the last several years on performance enhancing drugs, with congress even getting into the act. Of course the very highly publicized Barry Bonds/Balco scandal is still in the news with Bonds being on trial for perjury. Former Star Mark McGwire has essentially been ostracized by baseball and baseball fans alike for reportedly using banned substances to obtain his fantastic career in which he broke the single season record for homeruns with 70 in 1998; Bonds later broke that record along with all time career record for home runs.

A-Rod, as he is affectionately known, has long been thought to be one of the premiere players in all of baseball, with a chance to eventually break the all time record set by Bonds. He is an all around great player, with a broad fan base and transcends the world of baseball. He had been rumored to be romantically linked to Madonna at one time. Rodriguez has made no public statement about the allegations as of yet.

More photos and a video of Alex Rodriguez are below.

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Alex Rodriguez Photos

Alex Rodriguez Comes Clean Video

Alex Rodriguez Steroids Video


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