Tyra Cancels ‘Show

February 5, 2009

If you’re even least interested into the high school cheerleading stuff, you might just remember the provocative dance routines by the ‘The Sl*ts Of Jonesboro’ during a recent game. The girls got banned from the school district for the dance moves which got parents very concerned about their children watching school games.

Tyra Banks 1

Interestingly, the Jonesboro High Dance Team from Georgia was invited by Tyra Banks to appear on her talk show, after the video of their ‘performance’ hit nationwide audience.

Now, the news is that Tyra has canceled the episode and the girls are not listed in the guest list of the show. There was no official cancellation, but they will not be making the trip to New York for sure.

“We initially did reach out to them,” said Jessica Fielder, a publicist for Banks. “But we’re not having them on now.”

The girls still don’t know about the recent developments. Although, their skimpy skirts and obscene dance steps are quite famous around the area.

Exia Bryant, 16, said does not regret the dance, but is tired of people at school calling her a sl*t, ho and stripper. “Eight girls went out and did something we love to do and had fun,” the junior said. “I knew who I am before I did the dance and I know who I am now. I will keep dancing and keep my head up.”

Check out the famed video below:

Photos: wenn.com

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