Victoria Beckham Likes Men

February 4, 2009

Victoria Beckham shares a little secret with the world in the February issue of Italy’s Vanity Fair magazine. Posh says that she really loves gay men and she thinks that there is one inside her too.

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“I love women. I like them as friends, as interesting people to speak with.

“But I love gay men. I always say it. Inside me there is a gay man who wants to come out! With heterosexual men I have nothing in common – excluding my husband, brothers and father, you understand.”

Victoria has been featured on the cover of the magazine. The mother of three boys, who still looks so hot on every cover she appears on, also expressed her desire to add a daughter to her clan.

“If it happens, I’d love it. You can’t choose what you have but after three boys I would love a girl.”

Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if you see Posh sitting in the judging panel of the popular ITV show ‘X Factor’. Creator Simon Cowell has reportedly asked her to replace Dannii Minogue from the position. While, he is now denying the reports, sources claim that an offer of £1million a series is indeed on the table.

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