Roger Federer Crying (Video)

February 2, 2009

The men’s final of the 2009 Australian Open will be remembered not only for Rafael Nadal’s sixth Grand Slam title, but also for the emotional breakdown of Roger Federer during the post-match ceremony. Federer, once the invincible champion, cried like a child on the biggest stage of the game, for he was given the lesser of the two trophies kept on the table.

Roger Federer

“God, it’s killing me,” Federer said, eventually backing away from the microphone.

“I don’t want to have the last word; this guy deserves it,” he said. “So, Rafa, congratulations. You played incredible. You deserve it, man.”

Now, we can all understand the situation and I have no doubt, some people were very moved by the turn of events but an incident like this certainly calls for attention. You can see the video of Federer crying after the jump.

Nadal wasn’t given a walk in the park and the scores certainly say a whole different story. By the end of every set, the game was on a different side. Federer has reasons to be disappointed. He might have won his 14th Grand Slam, had it not been the last minute surge that Nadal showed.

Federer was always looking fierce all through the competition and to let it all go in the end is certainly disappointing. The runner-up plate would have the dream of any other person in the world… but not him, he’s born to be the number one and I hope he accomplishes that the next time.

“Perhaps I should not have been out there in the fifth set at all,” Federer, still red-eyed, said an hour after the match. “I should have won the first set and the third.”


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One Response to “Roger Federer Crying (Video)”

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    rehnuma Says:

    Hi roger……its very bad bcoz u lost.As a big fan of urs im feelig very bad.U plzzzzzzz dont keep any pshycologycal problem in ur mind.”U R A BIG LEGEND MAN”.U have 2 & should beat RAFAEL next time.U can do it easily but plzzzzzzzzzzz do not put defence in ur mind. I always pray for u ,so dat u can win & so u have 2 win against him atleast for me. Plzzzzzzzzzz do not cry , I cant see u crying. By the way I am a very good tennis player.I will deffinetely meet u in some grand slam in 1 year…take care..bye