Cardinals Loose: What Went Wrong?

February 1, 2009

The biggest game of the year just finished and the news from the bay is that the Steelers defeated the first-timers from Arizona 27-23. The Cardinals were not fancied by many and some people were even happy to give you $200 on your $100, if you put the money on them. Since Cardinals were ‘up to the expectations’, there is nothing much to cry about.

The result looked pretty competitive and if the Cardinals could have done something in the last quarter, there was more than a hope. But, obviously something went wrong.

First of all, the defense was not up to the mark which many had expected. Biographies were written about the Dansbys and the Grahams of this world and how they were great in the playoffs to keep the Eagles away from the Bay. The final performance was less than average. The 23-20 lead was lost as the Steelers offense pulled out an impressive fourth quarter win.

“So much for that destiny thing. Most everything that went right for the Cardinals’ defense in these playoffs went wrong until the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIII. And most everything that went right in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl went wrong on the Steelers’ final drive.”

Ben Roethlisberger knew that emotional play of the first-time-famers who saw victory in each other’s eyes but failed to emulate one in the real world.

Kurt Warner must be wondering about his future in Arizona. He played a beautiful game, completing 31 of 43 passes for 377 yards and three touchdowns. So bad, he lost the chance to become the first quarterback to win two Super Bowls with different teams.

“There are a lot of emotions that go into a decision like that,” Warner said of whether he’ll return to Arizona next season. “There are things that make you want to come back, and there are things that I am ready to have a break from. I don’t want to make any emotional decisions.

In spite of whatever happened today, I must say… Cardinals have shown to the people of Arizona what it feels like to have your team playing on the biggest stage and the thrill you get by knowing that you’re just 35 seconds away from the title… however, realizing later, those were the longest seconds ever.

Good luck for the next season!

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