Super Bowl 2009 Live Stream: Arizona Pittsburgh

February 1, 2009

Here is the live-feed thread to help you watch the 2009 Super Bowl from pregame shows to kickoff time to the post-game shows. See the latest score, videos and updates throughout the game below. Clearly the winner of Super Bowl XLIII is the Arizona Cardinals over the Pitsburgh Steelers, but that is our bias. Argue with our live-blogging updates below.

Steelers Cardinals Live

Pittsburgh Arizona: Super Bowl Live!

The game time is technically 6pm eastern time, but expect the real kickoff time to be about 6:20pm. Some of the most expensive advertising space will be filled in the gap but you cannot begrudge the network. Watch the game on NBC television, or follow the live-blogging updates below. In the United Kingdom the game will be broadcast on the BBC network. Pre-game shows will begin at various times depending on the network. We will be here all day.

For the half-time show beginning after 8pm EST, you can hear the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds roar overhead with an air show, but the highlight will probably be Bruce Springsteen. He will perform his signature song “Born to Run” undoubtedly without an embarrassing slip or other uncomfortable moment for NBC.

In between a game will be played, the biggest sporting event in the United States each year. The Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Cardinals for all the glory. Watch live with us here.

So what is the latest score? Where are the highlights? Who is winning? Stay with us all day as we bring you up to the minute coverage of the 2009 Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals. Watch the live-streaming updates below.

Live-blogging Updates: Steelers Cardinals

Super Bowl Live-Streaming Coverage: Arizona Pittsburgh
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