Michael Strahan Still Holding Out

August 17, 2007

New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan still has not shown up for training camp and GM Jerry Reese said he has no idea if Strahan will return or whether he will retire.

“We would like for him to be here if he’s going to be here, just for him to get some work. Michael knows that if he’s going to come back, he has to get some work in. You just can’t show up and play in the National Football League.”

Strahan’s three week total during the holdout is now $300,048. The Giants are fining him $14,288 for each day that he misses. Reese said that they have given Strahan a “deadline” when they discuss the holdout, but there’s nothing the Giants can do to hurry his decision. It’s either fine him or let him go, and the Giants aren’t going to release him.

Reese thinks that Strahan has been working out but that definitely doesn’t take the place of what training camp can do to get you ready for the season.

“We just worry about the guys who are here day by day,” Reese said. “It’s Michael’s decision whether or not to be here. He’s still pondering, and he deserves the right to do that, so that’s what he’s doing.”

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