Tom Brady Mexican Vacation

January 28, 2009

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t like to go on a vacation during the weekend leading up to Super Bowl. But, he has no choice this time. The football star was recently spotted vacationing in Mexico with supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen.

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Tommy and his bikini-clad glamazon, Gisele Bundchen, smooched, relaxed and fed each other like babies as they lounged by the pool at a romantic five-star resort in the Mexican vacation hot spot. Gisele, who was fresh off a week in her native Brazil, where she walked the runway for Sao Paulo Fashion Week, obviously needed a rest, the poor thing.

Now, all that romantic stuff might be appropriate for any celebrity couple. But, here is a football quarterback and certain people are definitely not happy with that. For they think is their favourite QB can’t be ‘fed like an infant at poolside’! No offense but it sounds pretty funny:

“We were OK with Tom as Gisele’s errand boy, Tom bringing home the flowers, Tom walking Gisele’s dog. We were good with Tom and Gisele canoodling in the candlelight, holding hands coming out of a restaurant. But you simply cannot have your quarterback being fed like an infant at poolside. Remember, people – this is a football player we’re talking about. This is your quarterback.”

Anyways, Brady is said to be ready for the first game of the 2009 season, after undergoing a knee surgery in October. He has been in the rehab since then.


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