Mickey Rourke-Chris Jericho Fight

January 27, 2009

Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke is taking his screen role very seriously. The guy, who played a professional wrestler Randy the Ram in his movie ‘The Wrestler‘, is now challenging WWE Champion Chris Jericho for a fight. Rourke has signed for the Wrestlemania 25 to be held in Reliant Stadium on April 5.

Mickey Rourke

He says, “I think I’m gonna do WrestleMania in Houston, and Chris Jericho, you better get in shape because I’m coming after your ass.”

Now, I don’t know what is this guy thinking. I hope he understands he won’t be able to use any body-doubles for the ‘stunt scenes’ in the arena! Anyways, it all looks like a part of some new storyline. Jericho has a history of being part of such gimmicks. He appeared on Larry King Live recently, while Rourke was the guest.

“I think Mickey kinda talked a little out of line…there’s a lot of a difference in playing a wrestler in a movie and actually being one in real life, and I think Mickey was given some bad advice in saying my name on the red carpet, and if you get your wish Mr. Rourke you will learn things you never learned in playing a wrestler in a movie.”

Rourke said that it would be an honour to face Jericho in the ring and is looking forward to the fight. Looks like it’s for real.

Photos: wenn.com

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