Rachel Rackers Is Neil Rackers Wife

January 28, 2009

Meet Rachel Rackers, wife of Neil Rackers, a placekicker for the Arizona Cardinals who will be playing in the Super Bowl on February 1, 2009. See photos, video and a biography of Rachel Rackers here.

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As the Arizona Cardinals are pitted against against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII, and there are high hopes for Neil Rackers’ performance to make a difference in the team’s success, perhaps delivering a game-winning field goal, as did the New England Patriots’ Adam Vinatieri, as time expired in Super Bowls XXXVI and XXXVIII.

Rackers set an NFL record in 2005 with 40 field goals in 42 attempts; this includes a team-record 31 in a row and led to his first Pro Bowl appearance.

As a biography, Rachel Rackers met Neil Rackers while attending Aquinas-Mercy High School in St. Louis, Missouri (where Rackers earned 11 varsity letters in football, soccer, and baseball). The two became high school sweethearts and later married. They have two children, a son Jacob and a daughter Annabel. We don’t know her birth date or age, but as a point of reference, Rackers was born on August 16, 1976 and so his age is 32.

It was during Rackers’ record-setting 2005 season that he signed a contract extension through 2009, despite the team’s losing streak. With wife Rachel Rackers and children, he resettled in Arizona, a move made easier because of his family’s longtime loyalty to the Cardinals; the team only recently moved to Arizona from St. Louis, in 1988.

“I have a grandfather who’s a hard-core St. Louis Cardinals fan, so I was sticking with my family beliefs,” he said. “And I felt loyalty to the Cardinals for bringing me off the street.”

You can see a photo of the very attractive Rachel Rackers here. More photos and a video are below.

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