Sean Morey Is Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver

January 27, 2009

Meet Sean Morey, he’s the Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver and part of the Special Teams unit. Morey will be going up against his former teammates at the Superbowl on Feb.1st! See photos and video of Morey after the jump.

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Arizona Cardinals player, Sean Morey, will be going nose to nose with his former teammates at the Superbowl. Morey played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2004 through 2007 where he was captain of special teams. Talk about pressure! Morey has nothing but good feelings and great memories with the Steelers, which can sometimes make things harder. Find out more about Sean Morey below.

Sean Morey Biography

As a biography, Sean Joseph Morey grew up in Marshfield, Massachusetts. Born in 1975 on February 26th, Morey attended Marshfield High School before his time at Hebron Academy. While at the academy Morey managed to win the New England Prep School Championship. Later the wide receiver moved on to Brown where he continued to play football, landing himself Ivy League player of the year in 1997.

Sean Morey began his major league career when he was drafted by the New England patriots back in 1999. Most of his time was spent on the practice squad.

From 2001 through 2004, Morey played for the Philadelphia Eagles where he was nominated Special Teams MVP. After his run with the Eagles he moved on to the Pittsburgh Steelers, also performing as a special teams player.

In 2007 Sean Morey settled in with the Arizona Cardinals, reuniting with Ken Whisenhunt, Russ Grimm and Kevin Spencer. All three coaches are formerly of the Steelers.

Sean Morey is married to his wife, Cara, and has two children.

More photos and a video of Sean Morey are below.

Photos: PR Photos

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