AC Milan Wants David Beckham

January 27, 2009

This is what happens when you give your favourite thing to someone else, for some time. LA Galaxy are learning it the hard way, now that AC Milan is pushing hard to keep David Beckham in their team. Beckham, who came to Italy on lease till March first week, scored a brilliant goal in only his first appearance and played quite beautifully.

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“If the Los Angeles Galaxy were to decide not to release him, then they won’t release him,” AC Milan general manager Adriano Galliani told Sky TV today. “If he decides to release himself and wants to do so, we would welcome him with open arms. But he belongs to another club and we have to thank them because they have been very kind to us.”

The reports say that Galaxy are not ready to even consider any offer, but from the statements of Milan manager, it seems like they are very keen on having this deal done and are not going to pull out very easily. The current agreement allows Beckham to play for Milan till March 9th.

“Obviously if he stays, we would all be delighted, but he has a contract and it will be he and only he who decides what he wants to do.”

Galliani also says that they would be happy to ‘soften the blow of loss in earnings’ if David leaves America. He will be meeting his manager in a day or two. We can expect a decision very soon.

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