Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders (Photos & Video)

January 27, 2009

Meet Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders, one of the hottest and sexiest girls in NFL who are responsible for all the excitement and energy in every Cardinal game. For the first time, these cheerleaders will be traveling to Tampa Bay, Florida to support their team in the Super Bowl 2009 game. See photos, video and a biography of Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders here.

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

Cardinals Cheerleaders are known for their striking red necklines and hot dance moves. They have a contribution in every Cardinals victory. One of the cheerleaders, Neeley, shared her feelings after the team’s NFC Championship victory against the Eagles.

“This 2008 Arizona Cardinals team is full of heart. You’ll read all about the stellar players & coaching staff in the media, but it’s the women high-kicking on the sidelines that have truly made this program special for me.”

“Even before the kick-off, not a word was spoken in the locker room about the great Tampa Bay Super Bowl story that could unfold if the Cardinals pulled it off – that’s the thing, they didn’t just pull it off. We did it together. It was never a question – just a statement. The Cardinals are here.”

The girls had their best day and now they will be cheerleading in a Super Bowl game! We wish them a good trip to Florida.

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders 2

As a biography, the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders were formed in 1977. They were one of the early NFL cheerleading groups and have had a colourful history. The sidelines of the Arizona games often attract a large crowd.

The current squad consists of 28 cheerleaders. One of the hottest includes Megan J., Jennalee, Marcie, Kathy, Jaime and Brittani. The girls come from a variety of backgrounds as some are event planners, account executives, retail executives, education assistants and of course, students. They come from Michigan, Oklahoma, California, Texas and Arizona.

These cheerleaders have been traveling and appearing in charity events also. Marcie was also named to Pro Bowl 2009 recently. Their alumni includes Miss Arizona USA 2004 Danielle Demski and Phyllis Smith, a TV actress who is a cast member of ‘The Office‘.

They also have a Show Team which consists of current members of the cheerleading squad. This team travels around the different events and is very active in entertainment in general, besides sports.

The amazing choreography ranges from the Beach Boys and limbo contests to Elvis impersonations, fire dancing, and the latest in hip hop music. The Cardinals Show Team has traveled the globe performing for military bases in Egypt, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Greenland, Mexico and Canada.

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders 2 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders 3 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders 4 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders 5

Photos: PR Photos

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