Bertrand Berry Is Cardinals Defensive End

January 26, 2009

Meet Bertrand Berry the Cardinals Defensive End. Berry isn’t too happy about some of the reception his team is getting regarding the Superbowl! Find out what B-Train had to say below. Photos and video after the jump.

Bertrand Berry 1

Bertrand Berry, the Cardinals defensive end, has recently made a statement regarding those who do not want Berry and the Cardinals at the Superbowl this year!

“People say they don’t like the fact that Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. Well, that’s too bad. We’re here. If people don’t want to watch us, go watch something else. I’m sure there’s other programming on other channels. We’ve earned the right to be here and we’re not going to make any apologies for it.”

Well what you think football fans? Does Berry have a point? Do the Cardinals deserve to go to the Superbowl?! Check out more on Berry below.

Betrand Berry Biography

As a biography, Betrand Demond Berry, aka “B-Train”, is an Arizona Cardinals defensive end born in 1975 on August 15th. Berry attended Humble High School in Humble,Texas where he was not only talented and successful in football but track and basketball as well.

After graduation Berry moved on to the University of Notre Dame where he was a four year letterman in football. From 1997 through 2003 Betrand worked hard but could not maintain a permanent position. Berry played for the Indianapolis Colts, the St. Louis Rams and the Canadian football team, the Edmonton Eskimos.

Eventually B-Train was signed by the Denver Broncos earning himself the spot as regular starter on the defensive end, leading his team in tackles and sacks. Betrand didn’t stay long and was picked by the Cardinals before the start of 2004’s season.

More photos and a video of Betrand Berry are below.

Bertrand Berry 2Bertrand Berry 3Bertrand Berry 4

Photos: PRPhotos

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