Jessica Simpson Fat Look

January 26, 2009

Jessica Simpson has been known for her curves but it took a whole different meaning while she recently performed at a music concert in Florida. The hot blonde has become fat! She showed off a full-figure look to a shocked audience, some of who couldn’t even recognize her.

jessica simpson

“I’m a nervous eater and this tour has made me a nervous wreck,” she said back in September.

“Curves are better,” Simpson later added. “I don’t get the whole rail thing. It’s not good for your heart, it’s not good for your mind; it’s emotionally destructive, it really is.”

Well, Jessica needs to do something here. I mean this is not how you want to see her on the screen or on the stage, now that she’s a budding country singer. She had to wear ‘Granny Pants’ and a skinning black top to reduce the damage!

Simpson belted some of the tracks from her album ‘Do You Know‘ in the ‘Chili Cook-off’ concert held by a local radio station in Pembroke Pines. She was joined by Alan Jackson, Justin Moore and Little Big Town on the stage. She has also denied the reports of her getting ready to be engaged to boyfriend Tony Romo.

‘It’s funny to me that people are saying that Tony and me are out shopping for diamonds. Trust me, we’re not out shopping for diamonds – if anything we are out going to buy DVDs.”


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4 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Fat Look”

  1. 1
    Josh Says:

    To be honest, she looks graceful and beautiful and not like a bimbo blonde. Please leave her alone – as a “regular guy”, I can assert to you Hollywood types that she looks much better with the curves.

  2. 2
    fat jessica simpson Says:

    Jessica is not fat. Mostly bad photos.

  3. 3
    Mark F Says:

    The weight gain is one thing, but those pants! Those pants should be illegal.

    Also, when you display cleavage, isn’t it supposed to show out of the front of your shirt–not out of the sides?

  4. 4
    coffee Says:

    Jessica Simpson is now in a perfect position to show what a good singer she is…