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January 25, 2009

Former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre’s book ‘The Yankee Years‘ has given an insight into the working of MLB’s most popular team and it’s players, most notably Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. The book will be released on February 3rd.

Joe Torre

The book is not a first-person book by Joe Torre, it’s a third-person narrative based on 12 years of knowing the Yankees and it’s about the changes in the game in that period. Joe Torre does not rip anybody in the book. The book really needs to be read in context,” says co-author Tom Verducci.

Apparently, there were several news reports about how the book exposes the shimmering rivalry between baseball’s most talented players and their chemistry with owner George Steinbrenner. Torre also described his formative years and the people who supported him for the job which ended almost 11 years.

“Whether hitting 450-foot home runs or sunbathing shirtless in Central Park or squiring strippers, Rodriguez was like nothing ever seen before on the championship teams of the Torre Era: an ambitious superstar impressed and motivated by stature and status, particularly when those qualities pertained to himself,” the authors write.

Torre, who ranks 7th in All-Time managerial wins, left the Yankees over a contract related issue. He was also diagnosed to have prostate cancer.


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