Danny Bonaduce-Jose Canseco Is A Draw (Video)

January 25, 2009

Child actor-turned-radio host Danny Bonaduce managed to pull off a majority draw against ex-MLB hitter Jose Canseco in one of the biggest celebrity fights this year. The three-round fight was held in Aston Township, Pennsylvania.

Danny Bonaduce

Well, Canseco might have had an advantage over Bonaduce with his steroid-induced arms and towering height… I think the fact that he insisted he was ‘clean’, got it all wrong. Anyways, no different result for him as he was knocked out in his first celebrity boxing fight in July last year against former Philadelphia Eagle Vai Sikahema.

“When you step inside the square circle,” Sikahema said, “don’t ever think that your size is going to matter because in Philadelphia, we will chop you down.”

Well said!

Popularly known as ‘Bash Brother’, Conesco was looking forward to dust-off his moniker before the fight and was suggesting another one.

“The Destroyer,” Canseco suggested.

“I’m the bad guy no matter where I go,” he said.

I don’t think that will happen now but got to give kudos to Bonaduce for the show. A black belt in Tang Soo Do, Bonaduce had won all his former charity/celebrity fights before this one. He had gained a decision over Donny Osmond and TKOed Barry Williams in two separate events.

“Let me be honest with you right now: I am scared,” Bonaduce had said on Howard Stern’s satellite-radio show.

Photos: wenn.com

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