Alissa Czisny is Ice Princess

January 24, 2009

Meet Alissa Czisny, the 2009 U.S. figure skating champion. See her photos, super biography and video here.

Alissa Czisny
Alissa Czisny

She beat some tough competition. Rachael Flatt finished in 2nd place, with Caroline Zhang in third place. Each of them were deserving of the title, but Ms. Czisny won in a squeaker. She received a huge score of 65.75 points for her skate to The Swan (see video) and was clearly the crowd favorite who earned a standing ovation for inspiration.

Alissa Czisny Biography

As a biography Alissa is known as an artistic skater bordering on steamy. Her technical skills are excellent, although she does not rely on them for points. She fell on a triple lutz in the finals of the 2009 women’s program and still held on for the title. She can do this because of her amazing grace and teasing charm on ice.

She is already 21 years old which makes her an old skater compared with her peers, and marriage material for you drooling boys. But that will not happen anytime soon because Alissa has Olympian aspirations. The 2010 Olympics is just around the corner so we hope that Czisny will bring home the gold.

Meanwhile you can ready an incredibly boring article with excruciating details about the state of our US skating program. The men are known to be stronger this year, but don’t tell our Alissa that because tonight she is the Ice Princess of the skating world.

To continue her biography, Alissa was born June 25, 1987 in Sylvania, Ohio. She is 5’7″ tall. Previous credits include the gold medal at Skate Canada as well as Collegiate Champion in 2005 and 2009. Read all about her here. Publications often misspell her name as Alyssa Czisny which must be annoying.

In her personal life, she attends Bowling Green State University while living in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She has a beautiful sister named Amber Czisny who is also an ice skater. Alissa’s coach is the lovable Brian Boitano who was a US and Olympics champion.

See more pictures and a video below.

Alissa CzisnyAlissa CzisnyAlissa CzisnyAlissa CzisnyAlissa Czisny
Alissa Czisny Photos

Alissa Czisny Video (The Swan)

So let’s wish Alissa Czisny well, our 2009 U.S. Women’s Skating Champion.

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