America’s Sexiest Sportscaster 2009

January 24, 2009

Playboy has recently announced the names of this year’s America‚Äôs Sexiest Sportscaster contest finalists. The organizers have listed all the five names on their website and have asked to vote for your favourite sportscaster.

The contestants are accompanied by a short introduction and an example of their work through videos. The most powerful name that emerges from the list is obviously, Erin Andrews, the ESPN correspondent who had won the last year’s award. I had heard that Playboy doesn’t repeat the women, but I guess, that made an exception for her.

Molly Sullivan

Anyways, the other prominent name is that of Molly Sullivan from MountainWest Sports Network. She’s a former Olympic-level swimmer who lost her career to injury.

“This former North Carolina Tar Heel swimmer trained for the Olympics before an injury sent her in pursuit of a reporting career. She currently covers UNLV sports for MTN.”

The rest of the contestants include Bonnie Bernstein (ESPN), Lauren Shehadi (CBS Sports) and Charissa Thompson (FOX Network). So, go ahead and make your voice heard!


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One Response to “America‚Äôs Sexiest Sportscaster 2009”

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    Julie Says:

    I have to go with Molly, only because I’ve seen her in person. She’s beautiful, but not in an intimidating way. These days, she looks nothing like that above picture. She looks very classy, sporty and has a much more natural appearance. Actually, it’s very similar to Mary’s look.