The String Bikini: How It All Began

August 16, 2007

Did you ever wonder how the string bikini got its start? Well, wonder no more. Welcome to String Bikini 101. We’ll give you the low down on how it all began. So sit back and enjoy. You’ll see lots of photos and video too.

According to wiki, the string bikini was first created by a Brazilian model, Rose de Primo. She was hired to don a bikini for a fashion shoot but did not own one herself. She had no money to purchase one, so she took it upon herself to sew a bikini together the night before the photoshoot. She didn’t have enough fabric to cover her assets, so she ended up tying the pieces together with string. She showed up at the photoshoot wearing her string bikini and it was a hit.

1974 was the year that the string bikini hit the United States. A PR agent, Glen Tortorich, was hired to promote a local shopping area in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. He and his wife were shopping at a local boutique when he saw a picture in Women’s Wear Daily newspaper that featured Brazilian women on the beach wearing the string bikinis. He knew that this would gain attention, so he contacted a local fashion designer, Lapin, to create some string bikinis based on the picture he saw in the paper. The media was there at the event and sure enough, the string bikinis gained national attention as the pictures were distributed to AP and UPI.

Click below to see more photos and video of the string bikini, featuring the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models:

Pictures of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models wearing string bikinis:

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