Alicia Sacramone Dating Brown DB Eric Hunt

January 23, 2009

Olympic silver medalist Alicia Sacramone is reportedly dating Brown Bears DB Eric Hunt. Eric is said to be a good college football player and has been spotted with Alicia quite a number of times.

“Considering the fact that he’s a defensive back, he’s also probably one of the better athletes in the Brown program. Or so you’d think. But no, it turns out that Eric Hunt is a junior and still a benchwarmer. We need some validation here because we’re still having a hard time buying the fact that Eric Hunt is dating Alicia Sacramone.”

That does sound weird that Sacramone, who is more famous for her bikini body than her Olympic medal winning gymnastic skills, would go for a guy who’s still to come out on the field for a college football team and has absolutely no official career records.

Anyways, I am nobody to interfere with anyone’s personal life and the truth will obviously come out later.

Sacramone was recently present at the Golden Globes awards in Los Angeles where she teamed up with a few ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ stylists to give a lucky red-carpet fan, a complete makeover.

She then headed to Ketchup in West Hollywood to dine with her friends.


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One Response to “Alicia Sacramone Dating Brown DB Eric Hunt”

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    John Says:

    Yeah whats even weirder is the way they met. Eric ‘accidentally’ hit Alicia. Anyways, that Eric has no cover skills and he’s slow. That’s why he’ll never leave his spot as a benchwarmer.