Jay McGwire Book On Mark’s Steroid Use

January 22, 2009

Jay McGwire, the younger brother of former St. Louis Cardinals standout Mark McGwire, has written a book detailing his MLB star brother’s use of steroids back in the 90s when he broke a single-season home run record. Jay also claims that he was the one who introduced Mark to the illegal substances.

Mark McGwire

“Mark is a man I think most would like to forgive because his reason wasn’t nefarious. It was for survival,” Jay McGwire wrote.

The book titled “The McGwire Family Secret,” is yet to be published.

Jay is a former professional bodybuilder and he says that Mark started using steroids after Jay won a 1994 bodybuilding competition. He introduced him to a local dealer and got him started on low dosages of Deca-Durabolin that helped him with his work-out pain and recovery from injuries.

Mark denied the steroid use in front of lawmakers at a 2005 Congressional hearing on doping after his record-shattering performance of 70 home rums in the 1998 season came under shadow.

“I’m not here to talk about the past,” McGwire repeated when pressed time and again on whether or not he ever took performance-enhancing drugs. “I’m here to be positive about this subject.”

The doping allegations were the main reason behind Mark’s non-inclusion into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year when just 25% media reporters voted for him, despite 583 career homers.

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