Sarah Spain: Sports Chick

January 22, 2009

Meet Sarah Spain, the world’s number one Bears fan and coolest sports chick we know. See her provocative photos and videos, an exclusive interview with Right Fielders, and read her full biography below.

Sarah SpainSarah Spain
Sarah Spain

She once made a splash on EBay by offering herself up as a date for the Super Bowl. Read the hilarious story in her own words of how that idea came to be, which launched Sarah into the national spotlight and dreams of men everywhere.

Sarah Spain Biography

As a biography Sarah Spain attended Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, where she majored in English. Lest you think she is all body and no brain, our Sarah graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Her English degree has come in very useful recently as Sarah is already an accomplished published writer.

In college she was a nationally recognized athlete, captain of the track and field team, who excelled in discus, triple jump, and heptathlon. She also played basketball, field hockey and tennis. Oh yeah. She can sing too. She can dance. Woman power!

Ms. Spain is still perhaps best know to drooling sports fans for her busty Super Bowl Bears gambit in 2007, but she has long moved on to an established career as a movie actress, writer, radio and television personality, and professional fan. Her radio credits include guest appearances on the Marc Ryan Sports Show and host of “Bedside Sports” on the Sirius Playboy Radio network.

Sarah has played bit parts in several movies and appeared in television shows. Her particular genre is comedy. The versatile sports chick was trained in improv theater and became a stage actor in Los Angeles. See her complete acting credits here.

Sarah Spain stands 5 ft. 11 in. tall while weighing 150 lbs. Her gorgeous brown hair and brown eyes make the boys melt. Her measurements are top secret.

There are no nude modeling photos of Sarah Spain, but you can clearly visualize her hotness in the pictures below. The Steve Bartman video is hilarious which follows our interview.

Sarah Spain Interview with Right Fielders:

RF: So, who are you dating and why bother?
SS: Not dating anyone seriously now. Just moved back to Chicago 3 months ago after 6 years in LA, so I’m getting used to the city and Midwest boys again. Quite busy, but trying to get out there and meet people as much as I can.

RF: What are you doing for the 2009 Super Bowl?
SS: I’m going down to Tampa for work-gonna do updates from events and parties. A Sarah Spain’s super bowl trip kind of thing. Should be great.

RF: Who is the hottest player in the Super Bowl this year?
SS: Hmm, Kurt Warner is pretty cute for an older guy-and seems like a great person. Matt Leinart is quite good looking, but I assume you meant guys that actually see some PT, right? I’m drawing a blank. I’ll have to do some more research on this topic. [wink]

RF: Tell us a secret?
SS: That’s a tough one-I’m a bit of a sharer. I used to have a crush on the lead guy in the cartoon Voltron-how’s that for obscure?

Sarah SpainSarah SpainSarah Spain

Sarah SpainSarah SpainSarah Spain
Sarah Spain Photos

You can find all of Sarah’s videos on YouTube here but we especially like this one.

Sarah Spain Videos

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