BMW Sauber F1.09 Unveiled

January 20, 2009

Formula One team BMW Sauber unveiled their new car for the 2009 season. The car, named F1.09, was taken on a whirl-winding ride by first driver Robert Kubica around the circuit of Valencia. It marks the team’s renewed commitments towards winning the F1 title.

BMW Sauber

“Last year we saw that by working together we can achieve good results, and in particular in the first half of the season we were title contenders.

“But everybody remembers how it finished, so we will try to repeat the first half of the season and finish in a better way than last year,” said Kubica.

F1.09 has been suitably configured to factor in the changes brought in by the new rules to be introduced this season. It has a heavier front wing and a smaller rear one. The aerodynamics have also been changed and it will use a kinetic energy recovery system (Kers) to re-use the energy dissipated during braking.

The team certainly holds the key to disturb the top rankings in the championship tables this time around. Polish driver Kubica performed exceptionally well in the last season to lead the tables after three races and a win in Canada. He will be joined by German driver Nick Heidfeld in the main grid. Austrian Christian Klien will be the chief test driver for the team.


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