Jessica Simpson Engagement

January 16, 2009

Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo and Hollywood girlfriend Jessica Simpson might be getting engaged very soon. After months of courtship, the buzz is that a possible engagement is ‘on the way’ and the couple is ready for that.

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“An engagement is on the way,” a source says in the new issue of Us Weekly. Simpson and her football beau, Tony Romo, are “getting there — and they will announce it when it happens.”

Tony has been spending quite some time with the Simpson family in the past few days. Just recently, they all went for a dinner together and the other day he was playing golf with daddy Simpson. Maybe he’s quite impressed with the love Jessica showered on him after he got an injury while playing a football game about a month ago.

Anyways, we also hear that Jessica has officially been entered into the Dallas Cowboy family cookbook. Presented by all the Cowboys wives, the 2008 edition features recipes by the busty actress including ‘banana breakfast fruit smoothies’ and ‘no-fat broccoli and cherry tomatoes.’

These are sure some nice indicators! Watch out for a possible very-soon engagement.

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