Pamela Anderson Poker

January 16, 2009

Canadian actress Pamela Anderson might be the next celebrity professional poker player. It has been reported that Pamela will be making a trip to Australia to participate in an international poker tournament.

Pamela Anderson 3

The tournament called Aussie Millions, attracts a large amount of exposure and is one of the biggest annual professional poker events in the world.

As reported by the Herald Sun, the Baywatch star’s managment has been negotiating with the event organizers to play at the world-renowned tournament.

Joining her on the table will be tennis player Mark Philippoussis and Dannii Minogue’s husband ex-rugby player Kris Smith. Pamela has a long history with the game. She had her own poker site ( back then but it got shut because of some regulations. She also revealed on a talk show that she started seeing her husband Rick Salomon after he agreed to pay off some of her poker debt.

The tournament will start on January 18th and will go on for six days. Around 800 players will play for the top prize of $1.4m which was won by Alexander Kostritsyn last year.

Pamela Anderson 2 Pamela Anderson


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8 Responses to “Pamela Anderson Poker”

  1. 1
    Delicious Says:

    Did Dannii Minogue get married to that oaf? How sad for her if she did. He is nothing but a gigolo……… but then again, she’s not too bright is she????

  2. 2
    naomi Says:

    love dannii and she is not married to kris, he is not a gigolo, and dannii is one of the brightest celebs around thank you very much

  3. 3
    sarah Says:

    I agree,Dannii is very bright.And no,they are not married he is her bf

  4. 4
    den Says:

    they’re not married
    kris is just dannii’s boyfriend at the moment.
    and i agree, she’s very bright compared to the other celebs out there

  5. 5
    Delicious Says:

    So, did Dannii give him the money to play in the Aussie Millions? If he got a sponsor, since you all know so much, WHO is it? Here in OZ we think his “sponsor” is Dannii. Not too bright to give him $100,000+ and if he took it that makes him a gigolo…look it up in the dictionary!

  6. 6
    naomi Says:

    well in the uk a gigolo means sumthing different in the uk , i think kris has enough money for himself to play poker

  7. 7
    Delicious Says:

    Naomi, sorry but that makes you naive if you think kris smith has money. But, you are sweet to think so highly of him. There was an article written in the UK about how Dannii is paying for everything envolving kris. Did you miss that one?

  8. 8
    PR Blog Says:

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