Eli Manning ‘Giant’ Payday

January 15, 2009

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is all set to become the highest paid player in the League when he’ll sign the new contract with the Super Bowl Champions this season. The seven-year deal is reportedly worth $120m with almost $40m in guarantees which, according to some, is way over the line.

Eli Manning

Look, Eli has a ring, which is more than damn near every other NFL quarterback can say, but doesn’t $100 million seem like an awful lot for a guy who has never thrown for 25 touchdowns in a season, been in the top dozen in QB rating and completed a career high 60.3% of his passes this year? Eli has also never proved he can be even a mediocre QB without a legit guy to throw to.

Manning had his one of the bad seasons last year which culminated in a 23-11 loss to the Eagles in the crucial playoffs. But, he was the 2008 MVP and the aura of that success still seems to be around. This deal will give him $1m per season more than his equally-famous brother, Peyton, who signed a seven-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts worth $98m in 2004.

“We know,” said one team source. “But that’s money we’re going to be happy to pay.”

The other aspect of the whole thing is that the Giants are currently involved in a legal tussle with the bankrupt Lehman Brothers over $300m as a part of the $1.6b deal for their new stadium. Some people are questioning, if they can even guarantee $40m to the QB in available cash.

The actual picture will become clear in the next few months but right now it seems to be clear that the deal will go through despite the finances.

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