Mark Sanchez Is USC Quarterback

January 15, 2009

Meet Mark Sanchez, an American professional football player who played as a quarterback for the University of Southern California (USC) and will now be entering into the 2009 NFL draft. See photos, video and a biography of Mark Sanchez here.

Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez has finally decide to leave the senior year of the college and to enter into the NFL draft in the upcoming season. He performed brilliantly in the USC’s recent Rose Bowl victory over Penn State. He was also awarded the 2009 Rose Bowl Offensive MVP of the game.

Shelley Smith of ESPN, however, talked to Sanchez’ father early Wednesday evening and reported that the elder Sanchez told her Mark had not decided on which way he was leaning and wanted to speak with his head coach before making his final decision.

As a biography, Mark Sanchez was born on November 11, 1986 in Long Beach, California so his age is 22. He attended Santa Margarita Catholic High School and served as the ball boy for future USC Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer. His school career was record-breaking one and he was considered as the best quarterback of the 2005 class in the nation. He also took part in the 2005 U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

Sanchez came to USC in 2005 and was chosen as the back-up QB in the following season. He was also accused of a sexual assault case in his freshman year. the 2007 season went by with him playing just a couple of games in the absence of starting QB. He played regularly in the 2008 season, missing out on a few weeks because of a knee injury.

The big day of his career came when he passed for 413 yards in the Rose Bowl 2009 and was named the offensive MVP in the USC win.

In his personal life, Mark is a Mexican-American and his father works as a fire captain in the Orange County. He worked for a Long Beach restaurant in between the seasons.

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