Nadine Coyle Bikini Holiday!

January 15, 2009

Irish singer Nadine Coyle and her boyfriend, Giants cornerback Jason Bell, hit off to the beaches of Miami for a little vacation recently. While Jason remained in the shade all the time, Nadine showed off her super-fabulous body in a black bikini under the warm sun.

Nadine Coyle 3

“The 23-year-old shared jokes with friends after stepping out with her boyfriend Jason Bell for a spot of lunch and relaxation. She was seen laughing with her companions while munching on a sandwich and taking dips in the pool.”

The two were also spotted going for a quick lunch on the streets of Miami with The Girls Aloud singer wearing yellow hot pants and a white top.

Meanwhile, Nadine stood by Jason’s side when his ex-wife Kimberly Bell accused him of being a ‘violent thug’ and hitting other men including his teammates.

“He is a very gentle loving person, he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. I can only say the way he has treated me, he has been as a perfect gentleman.”

Coyle and Bell are dating since September last year and live in Los Angeles where the singer’s family is planning to open a chain of Irish pubs.

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