Manchester City Says Kaka Bid Still On

January 15, 2009

The recent developments about AC Milan midfielder Kaka’s possible signing by soccer club Manchester City has proven that money can’t buy everything. It is amazing that a club is ready to pay the highest amount ever given to a player and the latter is just not ready to accept.


The buzz is that after Kaka refused almost $145 million put on the table by Man City, the manager is still hopeful about the signing and says that the deal is on.

“It’s been well documented that we have expressed an interest in signing the player,” Manchester City manager Mark Hughes said at his regular weekly news conference in Manchester. “Obviously (executive chairman) Garry Cook and other people went to Milan earlier in the week with a view to getting an understanding on the situation involving the player and that was done.

“But to add any substance would be wrong because what we are trying to do is concentrate on any detail that we do.”

The club had even agreed to pay the midfielder a reported £500,000 a week, but Kaka didn’t budge and said that he wanted to ‘grow old’ with Milan.

Meanwhile, Kaka has been voted as the most popular soccer player in Brazil in a recent poll by TNS Sport. He defeated favourites like Christiano Ronaldo, Robinho and Ronaldinho Gaucho by a fair margin.

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