Jayne Soliman: ‘Dead’ Ice Skating Star Gives Birth!

January 12, 2009

British international ice-skating star Jayne Soliman gave birth to a healthy baby after being brain-dead for two days. Her daughter, Aya Jayne, could come into this world just because doctors kept her mom’s heart beating for the cesarean section.

David Phillips, 48, a fellow skater who was with her when she died, said: ‘To Jayne, becoming a mother was the best thing in the world that could have happened to her. She was so happy, she had always wanted to be a mum more than anything else. She lived to have a baby girl – that was the one thing she wanted in her life.’

Jayne reportedly fell down and died from a brain haemorrhage. She was 25 weeks pregnant at the time of the unfortunate incident and did not survive even after being rushed to the hospital very quickly.

The family had no clue whatsoever of her condition and even just a day before her death, she was skating with David. She had to be given huge amounts of steroids to keep her unborn child alive and kicking.jump castles for sale

‘She’s absolutely tiny – her eyes are the size of lemon pips and her hands are about as big as my wedding ring – but she’s doing brilliantly.’

Jayne was a member of the Ice Dance and Figure Skating Club in Southampton. She was the 1989 British champion and was the World No.7 at the peak of her career.

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One Response to “Jayne Soliman: ‘Dead’ Ice Skating Star Gives Birth!”

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    Chenoa Marquard Says:

    Jayne taught me how to figure skate. Jayne was the best teacher i’ve had!
    She was looking forward to the birth of her beautiful girl. She was always talking about her baby and how excited she was.