Manchester United Beats Chelsea 3-0

January 11, 2009

Defending champions Manchester United defeated arch-rivals Chelsea 3-0 in a Premiership match played at the Old Trafford, to make a strong claim for the top position in the EPL tables. Man U are now just five points away from the coveted position.

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“Normally these games are so tight it’s hard to pick the winner,” United manager Alex Ferguson said. “Getting the goal just before halftime really helped us.”

Man U always seemed to be in the right spot and they played pretty aggressively right from the start. Vidic scored the first goal of the match just seconds away from the half-time after they were declined one on a corner shot. The second-half saw them free-scoring with Chelsea players having no clue to whatever was happening.

Despite the attacking scoresheet that you see, I think the defense played the critical part in United’s win. Chelsea didn’t make a single shot at the goal! Man U has conceded just 10 goals so far in the League.

“I’m not too bothered what it does to them,” United midfielder Ryan Giggs said. “I care about what it means to us.”


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