Kim Kardashian Is Not Party Crazy

January 10, 2009

It doesn’t matter what you think or hear, but Kim Kardashian has made it very clear that she’s not your typical party girl, even though she’s seen in a lot of them. But that’s a different story, we have to go by her statements.

Kim K

She told Vegas magazine recently: “People assume I’m a party girl, I love to dress up but you’ll never catch me at an afterparty.

“I don’t even drink alcohol. Hate it. Never have. I had two sips of margarita last night at dinner and I said ‘I’m drunk!’ I’m definitely asleep before midnight.”

Well, as long as paparazzi are getting those ‘butt’ shots, they aren’t gonna brag about her being a party-crazy socialite! Kim was recently spotted at a Beverly Hills nail salon and even there they went crazy, snapping up everything that was on offer.

Showing off her sexy curves in a white track jacket with black spandex pants, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians starlet snuck in a manicure and pedicure as paparazzi eagerly snapped up shots.

In other news, we hear that one of your How I Met Your Mother episodes is going to get a bit more interesting with the lady herself guest-starring in it.

Kim K 2 Kim K 3


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