Ana Ivanovic And Adam Scott Beach Chemistry

January 10, 2009

Tennis sensation Ana Ivanovic is certainly going places with her new found ‘boy’ friends! The bikini beauty was recently spotted on the beaches of Australia with golfer Adam Scott. Now, rumors are expected to flow in… so we guess there might be a little bit of chemistry between the two.

ana ivanovic 3

“It appears that Ivanovic is coming of age, and starting to enjoy the fruits of her labor, including keeping numerous boy toys around to amuse her. I’m wondering if the next thing we’ll start seeing is Ana out at the clubs. And at the fashion shows.”

It’s common knowledge that Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco and Ana are dating. I wonder what he must be thinking over this one! There is one more person who might have a bit of a problem with the whole thing and that is… fellow tennis hottie Maria Sharapova. Mr. Scott is listed as the 6th Best Date in Maria’s list on her website.

Sharapova fancies having a mixed doubles night match with the golfer.

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3 Responses to “Ana Ivanovic And Adam Scott Beach Chemistry”

  1. 1
    jen Says:

    Sharapova has a boyfriend since late last year. google it and you will know. BTW, the golfer thing was published last april 2007.
    please be updated ..

  2. 2
    Niki Says:

    You don’t have to google it, check out on this site only. I was one of the first persons to break the story about Sharapova’s new boyfriend. Second thing, you do realize we are talking about Ivanovic here and she was seen with the golfer on a beach, just a few days ago… not in 2007.

  3. 3
    Pov Says:

    The golfer is Ana’s friend, who happened to be her neighbour during her preparations in Noosa. She is still going strong with Verdasco.