Jeff Hardy Car Accident

January 10, 2009

WWE Champion Jeff Hardy and his girlfriend Beth Britt were involved in a car accident recently according to a new fake storyline aired on the Friday night edition of SmackDown. It is reported that the dramatic incidents are made up to bring back former TNA star and WWE veteran Christian.

Jeff Hardy 1

“I understand that a large portion of the WWE’s audience are children but that in and of itself might create another issue with these sort of things. I’m certain there were probably children at the live event who actually thought that their hero was actually injured.

The WWE needs to do a much better job at playing up the real injuries and stay away from building up these fake ones.”

Well, this is not the first time Jeff has been involved in a fake storyline. We had reported in November about the news of Hardy being found unconscious in the lobby of his hotel in Boston. The gimmick was done just to alter the storyline ahead of a Triple Threat match.

Meanwhile, some sources also say the woman showed in the accident video is not Hardy’s real-life girlfriend Beth, but an actress to play the role.

Photos: WENN

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6 Responses to “Jeff Hardy Car Accident”

  1. 1
    jerry Says:

    Cop car says Plaquemines “Parish” therefore it was obviously shot in Louisiana

  2. 2
    Rebeca Navarrete Says:

    Hi Jeff Hardy i am rebeca y te quiero decir que que bueno que no te ahaiga pasado nada ni a ti ni a tu novia y sabes tkm eres el mejor

  3. 3
    Rebeca Navarrete Says:

    Hey jeff hardy, i mean that yo’re the best and that’s good that you do not pass anything to you or your girlfriend and i like you but i am pleased that these well.

  4. 4
    Rebeca Navarrete Huevona Says:

    Rebecca you big dummy…its fake…DUH!!!

    in case you didnt understand that, ill tell you in spanish…

    Rebecca eres una gran idiota…es falso…el DUHH!!!

    es otro articulo falso que solo los mamones lo creen…look it up.

  5. 5
    dee-dee Says:

    in case you all haven’t noticed, all of the events that has happened on WWE is fake.

    McMahon even faked his own death?? Ring a bell??

    It’s been like this for years, why act so surprised now??

  6. 6
    MAKER Says:

    So Hardy, want to tell me that you are not in pain? Ok WHAT ABOUT YOUR GIRLFRIEND?