Cristiano Ronaldo Crashes Ferrari

January 8, 2009

Manchester United striker and FIFA Footballer of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo was recently involved in a serious mishap with his £200,000 Ferrari crashing to a roadside barrier inside a tunnel near Manchester airport. Fortunately, Ronaldo escaped without any injuries.

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“He was involved in an incident this morning. No other cars were involved,” a club spokesman told PA Sport. “He’s fine and is training as normal with the team this morning.”

The vehicle was reportedly completely written off in the accident. Ronaldo was saved as he jumped out of the car seconds before the crash. You can see the pictures of the wreck here.

The soccer hunk gave a negative breath test to the police who are now investigating the cause of the crash. It is said that he had taken the car for a spin after importing it from Portugal, just two days ago, and lost control of the wheel after the car began accelerating very quickly.

The £120,000-a-week player, who in less than 12 days will recoup enough money to replace the car, was later given a lift to the club’s training ground by Van Der Sar.

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Photos: WENN

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