Mike Tindall Gets Driving Ban

January 8, 2009

English rugby payer and boyfriend of Princess Zara Phillips, Mike Tindall, got a three year driving ban served on him recently when he was caught in March last year for his second drink-drive offense. Tindall was on his way to Twickenham to mark England’s Six Nations match with Ireland.

Mike Tindall

‘The officers decided to speak to the driver and could smell alcohol on his breath. He confirmed he had drunk alcohol the day before but not that day,’ Victoria Griffiths, prosecuting, said.

‘He is extremely embarrassed to be before the court. It is a chastening experience to have several hearings before this court.’

Mike was actually caught because his speed was over the limit and then they found out that he’d been drinking seven glasses of champagne, beer, some Vodka and Redbull the other day with his girlfriend at the Cheltenham races.

Although the English team didn’t suffer that day for his absence, as he was out of play because of a liver injury he got while playing against Wales leaving him in ICU for almost five days.

Photos: WENN

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