Jessica Simpson Rushed To Romo’s Side

December 31, 2008

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has full sympathy of his loyal girlfriend Jessica Simpson, in these dismal times when his team lost a crucial match to the Eagles and he got severely injured in the locker room.
The buzz is that Simpson didn’t wait for a second after hearing the news and ‘rushed to his side’.

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Jessica Simpson

“She got on a red eye flight right when she found out, and arrived at 5 a.m. [that] morning,” a source said.

Romo reportedly collapsed in the shower after his team’s bitter loss. The incident was caused by a torn cartilage during the game.

Meanwhile, the buzz is that Jessica recently launched her new fragrance, Fancy. The launch ceremony took place at Macy’s at the South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa, California.

“The fragrance claims it is a natural expression of Jessica’s Lifestyle: Red Carpet Glamour, one moment, Casual Playful Girl Next Door, the next.”

More photos and a video of Jessica Simpson are below.

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Jessica Simpson Photos

Jessica Simpson Video

Photos: WENN

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3 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Rushed To Romo’s Side”

  1. 1
    sienna Says:

    Tony simpson was not all that injured. The two of them were spotted partying it up in Miami following the game. How can an injured person with a torn rib cartlidge get start partying and jet setting right away. His injury was just an excuse for poor performance on the football field. Tony, if you want people to buy that story, don’t be jetsetting and partying with Jessica directly after the football game. you are not injured.

  2. 2
    sienna Says:

    I thought this website had to do with women in sports. what does jessica simpson have to do with sports. The only thing jessica has in common with sports is dating a quaterback. what does that have to do with women in sports

  3. 3
    jenni Says:

    I totally agree with you, sienna. It’s a shame to think that he would play half a** throughout the whole season just so he could hurry home and play house with jessica simpson. Tony, I think you should have played much better than you did, considering the millions they are paying you!!