Angela Nazario Domestic Abuse

December 31, 2008

The Pro-Bowl wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL, Larry Fitzgerald, has been ordered to stay away from his baby mama, Angela Nazario and his eleven-month old son after he was charged with ‘knocking Angela around the room and pulling her hair out’.

Nazario had brought the couple’s son to visit Fitzgerald at his Phoenix home. Apparently, a bad conversation broke out and Larry became furious enough to land himself in a great deal of trouble.

Nazario alleges in her legal papers filed in Arizona, Fitzgerald attempted to “diffuse the situation” by raising his fist and challenging her to a play fight. Nazario admits she responded by swinging at him and “may have hit his face.”

Fitzgerald then turned from playful to enraged, allegedly pushing Nazario down to her knees. She claims he “grabbed me by my hair with both hands on the back of my head very very hard and tossed me across the room.”

Now, that seems like a lot of rage!

Anyways, Fitzgerald is obviously not returning any calls and neither has he made any comment on the story. You might remember that he was sued before also by the same lady to make him to pay for child support. Although, Larry didn’t deny the son was his… he applied for paternity tests, just in case. The case was in the favor of Angela and the $10 million-a-year player is paying the price. You can check out Angela’s photos here.

A video of Larry Fitzgerald is below.

Larry Fitzgerald Video
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3 Responses to “Angela Nazario Domestic Abuse”

  1. 1
    REAL SISTA Says:

    oh lawd…
    Im sure she must of said or did something to provoke him…

    then again…why do these black sports men always chose to opt for white women who never really want them but want their money and then make them look like demons in the public eye??

    Gots to give it up for black men like Barack, Will Smith & Snoop Dogg, that stick to their beautiful black women and yet dnt get any sort of problems

  2. 2
    cutie pie Says:

    @REAL SISTA.. I totally agree with you, and for those white women who think they got something on black women , first of all all you are doing is finding out what we black women already knew, and you are not better just easier.. I have 7 brothers so i know the deal, if you could only be in my household and you would know the real deal of why they date you!! i heard a story od a NFL player who has a different white girl sleeping at his house every night .. thats the reason they date you because you are too stupid,, that would not EVEN go on with a sista because we aint trying to catch no diseases plus we dont let a man do what he wants with us and dis=rrespect us like that.. now you fiqure it out white owmen before you go thinking you are better ,, REMEMBER THAT SAME BLACK MAN YOU ARE SLEPPING WITH .. HIS MOTHER IS A BLACK WOMAN AND I KNOW YOU HAVE SENSE ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU ARE NOT BETTER TO HIM THAN HER.. PLEASEEE!!!

  3. 3
    cutie pie Says:

    @ Barcak Obama.. thanks for loving your black woman , and even if you are mixed , heck im mixed but you know and i know and we all know when you have a black father you are automaitcally black, now folks want to claim the white side of Obama but we all know if he was to walk down the street he would just another black man for you to grab your purse at! What kills me is all the hatred at Mr Obama and he is a decent man with a beautiful decent black family, but yet when you do go for white women dating black men they get their drawers in a bunch,,, news flash .. white people you started racism so hiller now , it wont end with inter-racial dating .. i tell you that!! has to go deeper than a white woman sleeping with a black man!!