Super Bowl 2009 Odds

December 29, 2008

The Super Bowl odds are out! Las Vegas sports books favor the New York Giants 2-to-1 to win the Super Bowl 2009. This seems like a very easy road for the defending champions. The Tennessee Titans are the favorite among AFC teams with odds of 4-1.

Super Bowl

Giants Victory Parade after Super Bowl 2008 win

The Giants’ playoff opponents aren’t as good as the AFC playoffs teams, giving them an easier trip to the title game, said Mike Seba, Sports Consultants’ senior oddsmaker.

“It’s not because they’re so much better, their path to get to the Super Bowl is easier,” Seba said. “Plus, they are the defending champs.”

While the Giants will have to run through either the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons or Philadelphia Eagles for the title game, the odds of the Cardinals making the cut are a far cry with 40-1. It’s a pity that the two pre-season favorites New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys failed to make the playoffs.

Meanwhile, Titans, who were given odds of 30-1 before the season began, are just a little bit ahead of Steelers this time.

“The way we see it, it’s a crap shoot,” Jay Kornegay, executive director of the race and sports book at the Las Vegas Hilton, said. “It’s going to make for an interesting playoff. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see either of the one or two seeds from both conferences in the Super Bowl.”

A video of Super Bowl is below.

Super Bowl Video

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One Response to “Super Bowl 2009 Odds”

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    Anne LeMaitre Says:

    OMG! Now I know why I never follow the odds too closely. Giants are out and it’s between Arizona Cardinals or the Philly Eagles and the Ravens or Steelers. How did that happen?