Nicola McLean Is Snow-Covered Cleavage (Photos)

December 26, 2008

English glamour model Nicola McLean, who is dating soccer player Tom Williams, was recently seen involved in a snowball fight with fellow ‘I’m A Celebrity‘ contestants David Van Day and Timmy Mallett in London’s Covent Garden for a photo-shoot.

McLean was all covered in fake ice and the audiences had a nice show watching the busty TV personality.

Nicola McLean

Nicola McLean

“Despite the unfair advantage of being the only one in team fighting two men, McLean managed to win the fight, despite getting covered in faux snow in the process.

After her triumph, McLean realized she got flakes of fake snow during her famous 32G bust and shoved her hand down her top, to the delight of the male members of the public watching the snowball fight.”

Nicola was seen having frequent spats with the two men on the reality show and had made her feelings public, for them. Former Dollar singer David Van Day was in particular at the receiving end of her fury in the press. It was because of an incident in which he playfully slapped on Nicola’s butt during a task.

She complained: “What he did was degrading. He touched me inappropriately. In our contract it says we are not to touch one another in a sexual way or you get a warning or even worse. When he asked me to have a jungle romance for the cameras, I felt sick. He is old enough to be my dad. When he tried to kiss me, I felt ill.”

Meanwhile, Nicola has been chosen as the face of underwear label Ultimo, thanks to her famous curves. She was seen modeling for Red Boudoir range at Oxford Street’s Debenhams store.

More photos and a video of Nicola McLean are below.

Nicola McLean 3 Nicola McLean  2
Nicola McLean Photos

Nicola McLean Video

Photos: WENN

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