Charley Steiner Is Baseball Sportscaster

December 26, 2008

Meet Charley Steiner, an American sportscaster and broadcast journalist who is famous for his tenure as the host on ESPN show SportsCenter. See video and a biography of Steiner here.

Steiner has been chosen as the main radio voice for the Los Angeles Dodgers and will not be doing any TV broadcasts. He is paired with Rick Monday.

“God’s honest truth,” Steiner, 59, said Friday. “I love baseball. I love radio. I love baseball on the radio. My ego is not that big that I have to be on television.”

“I was doing 40 TV games and I was fine with that. Now I’m not. I am more than OK with that, I’m very happy about that. I get to go to the ballpark every day and talk Dodgers baseball. That’s my job, imagine that. My job was never to be the next Vin Scully. And the replacing-the-legends business isn’t a flourishing one.”

Charley Steiner Biography

As a biography, Charley Steiner was born on July 17, 1949 in New York. He attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois and did his first job as a newscaster for WIRL radio. After that, he worked on KSTT radio, WPOP radio, WERE radio and WXLO-FM radio stations.

Steiner was chosen to host SportsCenter on ESPN in 1988. He was also a leading boxing analyst and was featured prominently in ESPN’s This is SportsCenter comical promo campaign. Charley is widely known for his comical and exciting play-by-play commentary. He hosted a show Football America on NFL network.

Steiner worked as New York Yankees’ radio booth voice with John Sterling before coming to Dodgers in 2004. He covered four seasons for them working on all home and intra-divisional road games.

He has been awarded ‘Best Sportscaster for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut’ and the New York State Broadcasters Association award for ‘Best Radio Play-by-Play’ for almost three times each.

A video of Charley Steiner is below.

Charley Steiner Video
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