Mark Teixeira Is A Yankee For $180m

December 24, 2008

The New York Yankees outbid their competitors, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels, to sign first baseman Mark Teixeira. The contract is worth $180 million and spans eight years. The news came as a shock to the Angels who had made Teixeira their top priority this season and had offered $160 million just a fortnight ago.

“Man, that’s crazy,” Angels center fielder Torii Hunter said. “Those damn Yankees! They don’t play around. When they’re trying to win, they’re trying to win. It’s crazy. They just paid $27 million in luxury tax. That’s like 27 dollars to them. They don’t even care.”

The new signing extends the Yankees’ shopping spree to almost $425 million, which includes left-hander CC Sabathia on a seven-year and right-hander A.J. Burnett on a five-year contract. That hardly seems like any recession hitting the trade!

“They have the revenue sources that most don’t have, and they have a lot of money coming off the books this season,” said Los Angeles Angels general manager Tony Reagins. “So if they’re willing and able to spend, I’m pretty sure they’ve made some good investments.”

With sports’ four largest contracts in their hand, Yankees now prepare to move to their new $1.3 billion stadium and will try to regain the World Series after 2000.

A video of New York Yankees is below.

New York Yankees Video

Photos: WENN

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